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Becoming a Missionary...

What's The First Step?

Simply, fill out the form above and briefly tell us about yourself. We'll call to introduce ourselves and email you a short booklet that will prepare you for what to expect next. After that, if you want to formally apply you'll fill out an application.

What's The Booklet For?

The Road To Grenada Handbook is a guide for your thoughts and prayers as you decide whether to take the first steps to become a member of our mission team. It highlights certain factors we’d like you to seriously consider before deciding to move forward. Such as the dynamics of the candidating process, organizational structure and values, staff responsibilities and ultimately what all this means to you as someone thinking about joining the ministry.


Frequently Asked Questions

Staff FAQ

Are there positions currently available?

YES YES YES! We are actively looking for dedicated believers to join our ministry, however there are so many needs in so many areas that if we listed every possible position it would be an endless list. Contact us if you feel God calling you to missions in Grenada, we'd love to hear what He's laid on your heart.

What exactly would I be doing?

That's a great question but one that can't be answered until we get to know each other and discuss your gifting, passions and strengths. Before you officially join our ministry we'll have many extensive conversations, not just determining "if" there's a fit and match but "how" you fit and match into the ministry.

Can I Still become a missionary if I can't live on the island full-time?

Absolutely. Some of the most crucial members of our team live in the United States. Too often, with foreign missions, we think that the only way to be involved in such ministries is to be a full-time resident overseas. However, many people (for many reasons) can’t commit to living overseas full-time. This is why our organization recognizes two different modes of being a missionary: Resident and Non-Resident. If you feel called to join our team but can't commit to living full-time overseas, no worries, we want to talk to you about how you can get involved. 

Will I be Paid? Will I have a salary?

Yes and no. You'll be paid "through" our organization but not "by" our organization. Like most mission organizations, all of our missionaries are required to create their own budgets and raise their own funds. In other words, through our non-profit, we'll provide the means for you to raise funds that are tax-deductible for your donors; and we'll perform all of the accounting and logistics of processing those donations. However, no funds are available to a missionary outside of the funds they raise themselves. To estimate what you'll need to live and minister in Grenada add 25% to your current living expenses.

Is fundraising hard?

Fundraising gets a bad rap because most people don't know how to do it properly and the process makes them feel awkward and uncomfortable-- and the effort required is usually equivalent to having another part-time job. That said, the time it takes to properly fundraise depends on various factors, such as: your budget, how expansive your network is, previous experience, how much time and effort you really put in, etc. Of course, when the time comes, we'll teach you how to fundraise effectively and coach you during the process. 

How long does the Application process take?

Keep in mind, the journey to become a missionary is not an overnight one. Not only do we (as an organization) want to make a confident decision, we also want to set you up to succeed in missions after a decision is made. The combination of due diligence and being overseas will make the application process take at least a few months. 

How long before I get on the mission field?

The amount of time it takes, from application to arrival, is different for everybody. As stated above, the application process will take months in and of itself. After which you'll have to prepare for moving and living overseas. For many this will mean (amongst other things) greatly downsizing, selling a home, honoring commitments to work and school as well as obligations to family, securing housing in Grenada, and of course fundraising-- all of which takes MUCH MORE time and effort than most people expect. In addition, our organization has a policy that missionaries must be 100% fully-funded before they enter the field full-time. However, the good news is that there's no need to attend a language school. That said, it's still good to expect the whole process, from application to arrival, to take over a year but less than two.


Would I have A Boss?

Yes, of course. All of our missionaries are part of a team and each team has a head. Along with that, all staff report directly to the Resident Director of the organization who is ultimately responsible to oversee and shepherd any and all ministries you'd perform.

Would I be living on a base with other staff members?

No. Our ministry does not have a base or practice communal living. Each of our missionaries have their own housing, however we all live within minutes from each other in the community.

Is Grenada Safe?

Absolutely yes! Our resident directors raised four kids on the mission field in Grenada. The island is known for being one of the most safe places in the world. In fact, Grenada is more safe than any state in the United States. Grenada has also had a stable, continuous and democratic government for over 40 years. 

What are living conditions like?

Living in Grenada is not like living in the United States. There are dynamics of living overseas, on a tropical island and in a foreign culture that you'll have to adjust to. That said, you're in no way going to be living in "primitive conditions". Grenada has reliable utilities with clean running water and dependable electricity, internet and cell service. 

What's my next step?

We'll call to introduce ourselves after you fill out the form above.

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