"Not-So-Fun" Facts

Fun Facts

Grenada is a tiny point on world maps,
being only 21 miles long and 12 miles wide.
The same size as Omaha, Nebraska!

However, it grows more spices
than any other place in the world
hence its nickname "The Spice Island".
The nation is a leading producer of

cinnamon, nutmeg and cocoa (chocolate).
You can smell them in the air.

Grenada's population of 112,000

is mainly of African descent
and live mostly along the coast.


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Glimpse Of What We Do...

Teaching and Training

  Whether it's preaching a sermon in church, teaching a formal lesson in class or having a conversation on the side of the road... Grenada needs good teachers to shape basic beliefs into strong foundations. We're often asked to speak on topics ranging from basic theology and spiritual disciplines, Bible studies, practical life skills as well as church leadership and pastoral training.

Prayer and Worship

 Our ministry is founded on  seeking God's presence, knowing Him personally and allowing Him to move in ways we never would have imagined. We don't want others just to know about God but to actually experience His grace and greatness in their lives.

Youth Ministry

  Not only are we sharing the Gospel, but in turn we're shaping the future leaders of the nation. Statistics also show that most Grenadians eventually leave the island, therefore we’re also training the hearts and minds of future missionaries.


Camps and Clubs

  There are lots of ways we gather and connect with youth in the village... whether at school, church, or on the front porch.
  For example, Saturday mornings we meet at the beach and teach how to swim as well as leadership qualities.
  During summer we organize "Bible camps" in multiple villages. They're a mix of fun and games, Bible training and providing a safe place for a couple hours a day.

Being a Safe Place

  Unfortunately, most Grenadians live a life marked by poverty, addiction and abuse. For many the home is not a safe place. Showing God's love in practical ways can sometimes do more to lead them to Christ than any sermon or study.







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