Mission Trips


Come Join Us!

There are so many opportunities to serve. And we need dedicated believers of all ages, personalities and gifting.


What Activities To Expect


Teaching and


Every year we host guests to help us teach basic beliefs and spiritual disciplines, Bible studies, practical life skills as well as church leadership and pastoral training. Whether it's preaching a sermon in church, teaching a formal lesson in class or having a conversation on the side of the road... Grenada needs good teachers to shape basic beliefs into strong foundations.

What It Costs


No worries...when the time comes, we'll help you with the booking.

Roundtrip:   $900--$1200

Ground Costs *

Includes (but not limited to) trip hosting and organization, ground transportation, food and lodging, travel insurance, etc...

Cost per person:   $500

*Ground costs are based on group rates for staying up to 10 days... Costs will differ if the trip is longer or if you make separate travel plans from the rest of the group.

Personal Money

You'll probably want to buy souvenirs and gifts, or extra snacks and drinks.

Interested? Plan A Trip...

Got It!!

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Want to plan a trip but feel overwhelmed?

Don't worry! Our team is here to assist you each step of the way. As your hosts we'll organize a structured itinerary based on the dynamics of your group. But remember, mission trips don't get planned overnight... so don't wait too long. And don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.


What to pack and other pre-trip stuff...

Click Here to learn what you need to bring and NOT bring. As well as other fun and necessary pre-trip stuff we need to make sure you understand.