Words from

Past Interns


Jimmy C.

     I spent 3 months in Grenada-- it was absolutely amazing and I can best describe my time there in one word: growth.

     First off, Grenada is nothing like the United States so it was a time for me to engage, learn and serve in a different culture. But ultimately my time spent in Grenada was a time of growth with the Lord. It was a time the Holy Spirit used for me to begin to understand His wonderful goodness and amazing love and power. I can't begin to explain just how awesome this internship was, and how important it was for me to answer this call to go.

     This internship was more than just "an experience"... it was a surrender to God. Through this internship I began the long journey of what it actually means to serve and be used by the Holy Spirit. A letting go of things that didn't belong in the void in my heart, and replacing them with Jesus Christ.


Elissa W.

     Being an intern was such a great opportunity to learn about culture and ministry. The biggest thing that impacted me was that, being on the mission field in a foreign country, I was removed from all of my American comforts and distractions. Because of that, I had the opportunity to connect and grow with God more than ever before. A lot of that had to do with the fact that I had to trust Him in ways I never really had to before.

     I also had an unbelievable experience just by living with a missionary family (and the team work and community that comes along with that). One of my favorite aspects of being an intern was being part of a team and connected to a family who is sowing seeds of friendship and love into their community for Christ. And it was awesome getting the chance to support and strengthen an ongoing and passionate ministry.


David & Emily C.

     Fact is, being in Grenada transformed us. It was an awesome experience and we came home with a renewed heart and focus to reach others for Christ and to see God move in mighty ways.

     They did a great job mentoring us and providing opportunities for us to learn how to connect with God and minister in His gifts. A big part of the internship was also the cross-cultural training-- which radically changed our view of how to successfully serve on the mission field.

     We love the people of Grenada, the mission, and the lessons we learned. And we are honored to be able to continue to go back because of how deep God has rooted Grenada in our hearts.



If I'm interested, what do I do next?

#1... Fill out the initial application. We will then contact you and have an introductory interview. Afterwards we will ask you to fill out a more detailed application and then also have at least one more interview.

Am I guaranteed to be accepted?

No. Acceptance into the program is at the discretion of leadership board. The purpose of the interview process is to assess whether we feel there is a fit and match. That said, acceptance is not based on "mad awesome" skills or a supposed "lifetime" of experience... but rather an open heart and willing spirit-- and of course availability.

How do I know if I'm a 'fit and match' for the program?

Ask Yourself: Do I want to live with missionaries to learn what life on the mission field is really like? Do I have a teachable humble spirit and want to have an experience that will prepare me for future success in ministry? If so, then you probably make a fit and match.



If you're looking for your next spiritual adventure... or expect non-stop outdoor activity... or just want to hang out, chill and hit the beach under the pretense of "relational evangelism"-- this internship probably isn't for you.

Will this be like a really long mission trip?

No! Absolutely not! An internship is NOT a mission trip (just longer). Most mission trips are non-stop, activity-heavy and you-focused. Your host wants to make sure you have an awesome experience while also taking full advantage of your help while there. There's nothing necessarily wrong with that, except that is NOT what your internship will be. This program is designed to equip you for success in future ministry, along with having you experience what living full-time on the mission field is actually like. That said, the dynamics of your stay will be very different than that of a short-term mission trip.

What do you consider a successful internship?

We determine success by judging 5 factors:

#1... Have you learned and acquired the skills to assimilate into a foreign culture?

#2... Have you learned and acquired the skills to live in unity and work in unity within our community and with other pastors, churches, missionaries and organizations inter-denominationally?

#3... Have you cultivated a servant's heart? In other words, do you appreciate and pursue sacrificing for others?

#4... Generally speaking, are you in a better place spiritually (in your walk with God) than when you arrived?

#5... Has there been physical proof of the impartation of the Holy Spirit? We're not focused on one specific spiritual gift, but we need assurance that you minister with more than just your own strength and passion. We want to send you out filled with the power and gifting of the Holy Spirit.


**If at the end of the internship we can affirm these five areas...

then we'd say you've successfully completed our program. **

What will I be doing? What will my role be?

Simple answer: EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING! Our goal is give you the experiences and teaching you can draw from later, to succeed in the mission God calls you to. Therefore, we want you to be a student in everything you do... whether you're leading worship, teaching a lesson, organizing programs, helping a local pastor, hanging out with people in the village, assisting a mission team or just having coffee with us in our kitchen.