Below covers the basics of

packing, costs and preparation



--What To Bring--

you're heading near the equator

Lots of heat!!      Lots of Bugs!!

Don't forget sunscreen and prepare to sweat.

Don't forget bug spray and prepare to itch.


Pack shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops for around the house.

Also, clothes you'll get dirty in for hikes and work days.

And of course, don't forget your swimsuit!!


For Church & School Ministry...

Ladies are required to wear skirts or dresses that fall below the knee and tops with sleeves or capped sleeves. However... no pants, capris, or thin strap tank tops are allowed for church or school ministry.

Do Not Bring!

Do not pack any bikinis, mini-skirts, short-shorts, spaghetti straps, or clothing that is skin-tight or thin enough to see through. Dress for Jesus... Not to show off! 


**Don't Forget**



Bible & Notebook / Journal

Personal Toiletries & Towel

Sheets and pillow (for twin mattress)

Sunscreen & Bug Spray

Water Bottle

Hat & Sunglasses

Comfortable Shoes


2 min video

on packing

Packing for a mission trip can be a challenge.

Don't try to pack your whole bedroom into your luggage!

A good idea is to set out what you think you need,

then take out half of it... and add more underwear!


--What It Costs--

Personal Money

You'll probably want to

buy souvenirs and gifts,

or extra drinks or snacks.


Ground Costs*

Includes (but not limited to)

trip hosting and organization,

ground transportation, food

and lodging, travel insurance

Cost per person:   $500



No worries... when the

time comes, we'll help

you with the booking.



*Ground costs are based on group rates up to 10 days. Your costs will

  differ if the trip is longer or if you make separate travel plans.

--Misc Stuff--

To-Do Before You Visit

The first day of the trip will be a cultural training workshop. It explores your worldview and how different it is from Grenada and how we bridge that gap for missions. Please download and study the culture booklet.


For safety and legal reasons we need to know your medical needs and that you understand the risks involved in international travel. You'll need to download and fill out the health-release form.


Follow the map to catch a glimpse

of some of the places you might visit.

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