This fund is not just an act of benevolence,
but it's who we are. Caring for those in need is
not just core to our ministry but also central
to our basic calling as followers of Christ.


-Gerry Keens-Douglas



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#1 in Caribbean for alcohol consumed

#1 in Eastern Caribbean for poverty

#4 in world for alcohol consumption

#10 in world for most rape crimes

57% poverty rate on our side of island

66% of the poor population are youth




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What does this fund support?
The heartbreaking reality is that most families on the island face a daily struggle for survival. We established this benevolence fund to help alleviate that struggle. That's why, many times, this fund is used to simply help provide the basics of food, clothing, and shelter. However, it has also been used to help provide for school supplies, medical care (both basic check-ups as well as emergency situations), schooling costs for students with learning disabilities, farming equipment, personal hygiene products, etc...

Who decides how donations are used?
All funds remain under the exclusive discretion, direction and control of our board of directors. It is they, and they alone, who manage and administer the fund; including but not limited to: recognizing the need, processing the request, considering recommendations and distributing gifts.

How are gifts distributed?
Great question! We want to make sure that we, as a foreign organization, approach gift giving in a wise, culturally appropriate and healthy way. We especially don't want to inadvertently create a culture of dependence with our giving. To avoid this, we rarely identify ourselves as the giver and instead distribute our gifts through a local church or school. For example, we once had someone donate over 100 pounds of kids clothes. Instead of us personally and ceremoniously handing them all out at once, we gave them to a local pastor who distributed them to the appropriate children over time as legitimate needs arose. In circumstances where money is the gift, all disbursements from the GrenAID Fund are made directly to the 3rd-party individual or company to whom payment is due. No funds are given straight to the individual being helped.

Are these donations different than others?
Yes. Donating to the GrenAID Fund designates your donation specifically to that ministry. Whereas money raised in the general budget is dispersed to run all the many ministries of our organization.

Can I get photos of when you use my donation?
Yes and no... We have lots of photos showing all facets of the ministry. In fact, we post many of our photos here on our website and on our Facebook page. Feel free to download them, print 'em up, hang 'em up and pray for us often. However, because we don't make a spectacle out of our benevolence, there's never a photo-op or ceremony surrounding our gift giving.

Are there needs you won't give for?
ABSOLUTELY! The stated purpose of this benevolence fund is to help alleviate the daily struggle for survival, and to help rescue in times of emergency and/or crisis. That said, there are many circumstances that (although legit) we don't feel led by God to assist with (through this specific fund).
     Such as:
     *Business ventures or investments
     *Debt relief
     *Legal fees, police tickets and court ordered fines
     *Any Penalties related to irresponsible actions
     *Tuition for private school or university
     *Non-necessities like phones, cable TV, and internet

How do I donate to the GrenAID Fund?
Just follow the link above that says:
"Help us and Donate".