A Broken Paradise

The sun shines bright on pristine beaches however

the heartbreaking reality for most Grenadians is

a life of poverty, addiction and abuse.


According to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) 66% of

the alcohol consumed is liquor such as rum. In fact, there are

over 3 rum factories on the island alone.

Ranking in Caribbean for most alcohol consumed


Ranking for extreme poverty in eastern Caribbean

According to the United Nations Development Programme

(U.N.D.P.) despite a rise in tourism and employment, those in

poverty remain extremely high.


According to the W.H.O., substance abuse is "epidemic" with the average

Grenadian man drinking near fatal amounts of alcohol per year.

World ranking for most alcohol consumed



According to the W.H.O. "sexual coercion begins at an early age

for Caribbean children, the first sexual experience of most

young girls is often forced... as is the case for over 42% of

girls below the age of 12."

World Ranking for rape crimes


Most families live "from day to day". In fact, many Grenadians

can't provide for basic needs without the help of family sending

money from overseas.

Percent poverty rate (our side of island)


Percent of poor are youth

Varying dynamics contribute to the fact that the most vulnerable

of those living in poverty are unfortunately kids.


According to the U.N.D.P., although the literacy rate is reported at

96%, the functional ability to actually read and comprehend is

quite low. Also, low teacher qualification remains endemic.

Percent of "heads of households" never graduated


Percent of college educated live off the island

According to the United Nations, Grenada has the second highest

emigration rate in the region. A two-minute conversation with any

kid reveals the common desire,of every Grenadian child, to one

day leave the island.


A Word on Statistics

The world is ever changing, and as it does

statistics and numbers and rankings

will rise and fall and come and go.

But the people those numbers represented

still remain effected by those experiences.


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